Tomohiko Sugino

クオリアの聴跡 Ⅰ / Audio Trace of Qualia Ⅰ

for Chamber Orchestra (2021)

難聴というものは音の強さや可聴域が悪化しているのみだととらわれがちであるが、問題は単純ではない。私の場合さらに音に歪みやくぐもりがある。 メガネで視力が矯正されるように、補聴器によってそれらの問題は多少改善される。このように補聴器の着脱により1つの音に対し、2つの聴こえが私には存在するのだ。


It’s easy to think that hearing loss is simply a deterioration in the intensity of sound or the audible range, but the problem is not simple. In my case, the sound is also distorted and muffled. Just as glasses can correct vision, hearing aids can slightly improve these problems. In this way, by putting on and taking off hearing aids, I have two ways of hearing each sound.My works “1/2 Para-aural Phenomena” focuses on differences in hearing.
This work was composed using electronic music and an instrumental ensemble, with the theme of sound reverberation.In the music, ① recorded environmental sounds. ②It’s a sound passed through a filter that imitates my hearing. ③Three types of electronic sounds are used, which are combinations of these sounds. Instrumental ensembles gradually change in response to electronic sound.

初演:第53回 愛知県立芸術大学卒業演奏会
Fl.:石垣 みどり Ob.:国崎 祐未  Cl.:土井 春華 Perc.:狩野 将輝 北条 拓夢
Vln.:井上 春花 山田 貴子 Vla.:大木 美稀子 Vc.:窪田 翔椰  Cond.:杉野 智彦
Premiere: 53th Aichi University of Arts Graduation Concert
Fl.:Midori Ishigaki Ob.:Yumi Kunisaki  Cl.:Haruka Doi Perc.:Masaaki Karino Takumu Hojyo
Vln.:Haruka Inoue Takako Yamada Vla.:Mikiko Ooki Vc.:Kaya Kubota  Cond.:Tomohiko Sugino