Tomohiko Sugino

【ライブ】19/06 Tilt Birmingham🇬🇧

#eurotour 3rd LIVE performance will be at Birmingham, UK🇬🇧
It’s my first time going to UK. Thanks to the cooperation of Lewis Byrne, I was able to successfully hold the event in our third location.
When I set out on the road with my synthesizer a month ago, I never thought it would be a tour like this. But I was happy to be able to perform at least three times.

イギリスには初めて行きます。Lewis Burnさんの協力もあって無事に3つ目の開催地となりました。

07/19/2024 20:00-23:00
Lineup, 出演者
Lucifer Sky
By Bizarre Hands

Place, 場所
Tilt Birmingham