Tomohiko Sugino

【Archive】Para-aural Phenomena Vol.1

The video includes the sound when the filter is on and off. You can check it on the top right.
When it’s on, it’s my own hearing. When off, the sound is normal.

I’m deaf. Suffering from sensorineural hearing loss since the age of 3, I began playing the piano and violin at the age of 5. Currently working as a composer.
My hearing loss occurs when there is damage to the inner ear or deeper central nervous system. Hearing never returns. Furthermore, Japan’s system is strict. So my hearing is such that I would not be issued with a disability certificate. In other words, according to the system, I’m neither able-bodied nor disabled. My own situation, which straddles the spectrum between able-bodied people and people with disabilities, is suitable for raising questions about hearing by constantly confronting it.

I made several discoveries through my own research.

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1.《Para-aural Phenomena Ⅰ》〈 Study Ⅰ – portrait of marimba Ⅰ- 〉
 After hearing test using marimba, my hearing filter will be applied.
2.《Prélude à “L’après-midi d’un faune”》with my audiogram
 Debussy music with my hearing filter
3.《String quartet No.6》with beethoven’s audiogram
 Beethoven music with Beethoven’s hearing filter
4.《 Para-aural Phenomena Ⅲ 》〈 Study Ⅰ – portrait of oboe Ⅱ – 〉
 The filter will gradually be removed. Go back to own hearing.

The new work that will be presented this time is a work that uses detailed hearing tests conducted , and divides hearing into elements such as audible range and binaural hearing.